Why We Created DonorVoice

We believe the leaky bucket of constituents leaving faster than the organization can replace them is the biggest challenge to an organization’s mission, brand and net revenue.

Despite the obvious financial argument for trying to keep them – it can cost up to10 times as much to bring in a new donor as hold onto an existing one, and it takes, on average, 18 months for a new donor to cover the cost of acquisition – the trend lines of retention are getting worse, not better.

  • DonorVoice is based on these fundamental truths:
  • Retention is both the fundamental problem and the fundamental solution to your fundraising challenges today.
  • Understanding, measuring and managing the constituent relationship to deliver and derive greater value is the answer to sustainable improvements in constituent value and organizational net income.
  • How a donor feels and thinks about your organization directly and dramatically impacts whether the donor stays or goes.
  • The marketing, fundraising and donor service experiences that truly impact the decision to stay or go can be identified.
  • Those key experiences can be optimized within AND ACROSS channels.
  • To pull all this off requires change within your organization at a culture, strategy, and process level that we can help deliver.

At DonorVoice we developed our Experience and Relationship Management Process, that is rigorous, proven and fact based. We’re heavy on recommendations and tools that do something and light on long, dull reports that collect dust.

Then we topped it all off with what matters most: a team of veteran, proven-by-experience practitioners. To arrange for a no-obligation discussion of DonorVoice services and processes simply complete the Contact Us form below or email any of our Partners.

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Every client is actively served by one or more Partners in DonorVoice.

Roger M. Craver

A leader in direct response fundraising for some of the household names in American and European philanthropy, Roger pioneered direct mail fundraising in the 60’s…Telemarketing in the ’70s…Online information services in the ’80s…online fundraising in the ’90s and data and analytic driven solutions in the 21st Century.

Among the organizations whose fundraising and advocacy programs Roger helped launch and build are Amnesty International, Habitat for Humanity International, Handgun Control, Greenpeace, Common Cause,The American Civil Liberties Union, World Wildlife Fund International , and the Heifer Project International.

Roger is also the Chief Editor of The Agitator (www.theagitator.net) the daily online service providing fundraising advice and insights each morning to thousands of fundraisers around the world.

A frequent speaker at international conferences on communications, fundraising and cause-related marketing, Craver has worked extensively with U.S., and international non-profits on strategic planning, the development of global campaigns, and the special issues and complexities of multi-channel communication and donor retention.

He has been recognized with Fundraising Success Magazine’s Lifetime Achievement Award, The DMAW’s Sisk Award for Lifetime Achievement and is a Member of the Hall of Fame of the American Association of Political Consultants. Roger holds an A.B.degree Summa Cum Laude from Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pa. and a Doctor of Jurisprudence, Summa Cum Laude, from the George Washington University National Law Center.

Contact Roger: rcraver@thedonorvoice.com

Kevin Schulman

Before joining DonorVoice as its CEO, Kevin worked in senior management roles for large agencies, successfully launching and building research firms specializing in customer commitment and retention.

An expert on customer loyalty, commitment and relationship management he has worked with leading academics in the field of Relationship Theory to develop and apply a temporal model of how relationships form and how organizations can impact each of the key constructs.

This set of measures has proven to be is a better predictor of key behaviors (e.g. give, buy, word of mouth)than other constructs/scales (e.g. Net Promoter, brand measures, customer satisfaction.)

Working with Fortune 500 companies in the retail, consumer package goods and grocery retail sectors, Kevin has also worked extensively in nonprofit sector on brand, marketing, product and issue development.

Most recently he has led efforts to design and launch a series of innovative products all applied to donor engagement and fundraising.

Kevin is a seasoned researcher with a strong academic and practitioner background, including a B.S. from The University of Virginia, and a Masters in Survey Research from University of Michigan/University of Maryland Joint Program where he remains an advisor.

Contact Kevin: kschulman@thedonorvoice.com

Josh Whichard

With nearly 15 years of experience exclusively partnering with a wide range of nonprofit organizations Josh has helped grow and optimize fundraising programs through the development and implementation of multi-channel integrated solutions.

Most recently, Josh served as the Senior Director of Client Strategy for Merkle’s Nonprofit Group where he led a team of strategists accountable for delivering applied strategic solutions within client programs.

During Josh’s tenure at Merkle he was nominated for the 2008 Chairman’s Award and 2009 “Merkled” Award.

Prior to Merkle, Josh spent nearly 10 years at SCA Direct serving as a Senior Account Director where he was responsible for developing and managing Direct Response programs for several of the agencies largest clients.

Josh is passionate marketer and frequent industry speaker driven by the opportunity to create game-changing customer-centric strategies that enable organizations  to more effectively engage with constituents to drive increased bottom line results.

Contact Josh: jwhichard@thedonorvoice.com

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