Not only are we humans irrational, but we are irrational in predictable ways, with biases baked into our brains’ operating systems.

The good news from this is that behavioral science can get more people to do better things without force or coercion – simply designing better choices can make a big difference.

The bad news is that behavioral science has rarely been applied to nonprofit giving.  We rely on tribal wisdom passed down through generations without questioning if it is, or was ever, true.  We also don’t get to root causes – why people give to our causes – enough to create a positive giving experience.

These set of three free Webinars will address how to bring this science to bear to:

These Webinars won’t just tell you the theory; they will talk about how to put the science into practice with steps you can take today to get more and more valuable donors.

And if you sign up for all three, you’ll be entered to win a free, live behavioral science audit of an online donation form or mail piece of your choosing.  You can sign up here:

  • The science of ask strings on Wednesday, September 14th at noon Eastern: DonorVoice’s newest staff member, Nick Ellinger, takes you through how to use the psychology of what you ask for to increase revenue and retention.
  • Increasing your donors’ gifts per year on Wednesday, September 21st at noon Eastern: DonorVoice principal Josh Whichard puts his 15 years of nonprofit direct marketing experience to bear on how to create an effective multi-gift program.
  • Using behavioral science to get people to opt in on Wednesday, September 28th at noon Easter: DonorVoice principal Kevin Schulman and chief behavioral scientist Dr. Kiki Koutmeridou, PhD, walk through designing choices that make people click or check YES.

All of these events will be hosted by The Agitator editor Roger Craver and are absolutely free.

Please sign up for all three events and get entered to win that free, live behavioral science audit of an online donation form or mail piece of your choosing!