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Ask different, get more.  One solution to how to raise more money for your organization is to communicate with your donors more. The other — cheaper and better in the long run — is to set up a regular giving program that invites donors to participate and increase their number of gifts per year.

Donor Commitment National Study Results Presentation.  DonorVoice conducted a national study with recent, frequent cause donors. Download this presentation to see the specifics behind donor commitment, the #1, proven loyalty measure and how it is the best predictor of future behavior – giving or doing. You will also see the specific activities your charity can undertake to impact commitment.

How to get people to opt in.  Whether it’s online or offline, a robust opt-in model can increase your supporter base, decrease your costs, and increase your revenues. Learn how to use behavioral science to encourage people to opt in.

Measuring donor loyalty. For decades, business has pursued an effective formula for customer loyalty. But, despite rigor and expense, the secret to enduring relationships remains elusive. The current in-vogue concept is the Net Promoter Score (NPS), but there are some weaknesses.

Overcoming barriers to growth. What if the set of alternatives we are optimizing or choosing among is not complete?  What if we have unintentionally omitted the best alternative from consideration?  Unknowingly the “optimum” isn’t optimum at all, merely the best of our not- so- best options.  Mathematicians call this “local optimization” versus “global optimization” with the former representing identification of a “winner” among a set of choices that does not include the overall (or global) best choice.  This white paper takes you through how and when to use each type of optimization to help increase your nonprofit’s revenues.

Science of ask strings. The ask string is one of the more underappreciated parts of a nonprofit ask. We’ll look at why ask strings affect us psychologically and culturally, then how we can optimize our results from them.

Seven key drivers of donor commitment. Donor commitment is what directly impacts donor behavior. Fortunately, increasing donor commitment is under your control. It is time to understand cause and effect and identify the critical few experiences that matter to loyalty and your bottom line. Tired of throwing everything against the wall in as many channels as possible to see what sticks? Read this report to start changing your organization’s focus and in turn, retention.