Whether you want to learn what your donors are thinking, who your donors are, how to create donor journeys that will beat your control, or get people to opt-in to your communications, we have something for you:

Missing From Your CRM: The Quality Data Showing What’s Killing Your Retention

How would you know if one of your major donors had a bad experience at your last gala event? Or your new online donor had trouble entering their info?  Or you had a vendor acquiring donors who will never retain?

This information is available, but often ignored at every interaction.  Few organizations collect and act on this missing quality data from donor feedback.  Even fewer combine it with existing behavior and transactional data to achieve the seemingly mythical 360-degree view of their donors. In this session, you’ll learn the how and why with real examples of charities reaping financial reward from a full view of their donors.

This webinar is June 22 at 11 AM Eastern/10 AM Central/4 PM London time; please sign up today!

Making “Radical” Change with High Reward and Low Risk: how to develop control-beating journeys for cash and monthly donors

Effective donor journeys start with deep knowledge of your donors; learning their motivation, their needs and their pain points and deep planning using modern marketing tools fit for the purpose.

This webinar will show you how to craft your donor journeys and get the insights you need using specific examples. These organizations shifted to true, donor-centric journey development. These control-beating journeys represent nothing short of ‘radical’ change. Because the changes are evidence-based and empirical, it greatly lowered the perceived (and real) risk, which, in turn, greatly increased internal buy-in.

This webinar is June 29 at 11 AM Eastern/10 AM Central/4 PM London time; please sign up today!

The Behavioural Science Behind Consent

European nonprofits are moving toward an opt-in model for donor communications, spurred by GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). But getting people to opt in to communications is valuable everywhere in the world. So please join Blackbaud and DonorVoice to talk about how to maximize your communications, and design calls to action to improve your opt-in rates.

This webinar is June 21 at 9 AM Eastern/8 AM Central/2 PM London; by now you know the drill: please sign up today!